Best Swim Spa Cover

Design Your Swim Spa Cover

Our Swim Spa Covers are a revolutionary patented design that uses air to insulate rather than foam panels. This design works much better than any rigid rigid swim spa cover  could for several reasons.

The whole purpose for any hot tub cover is to keep the spa water insulated. Every traditional rigid swim spa covers attempt to do this from several inches off the water surface. That void that allows warm water to evaporate into steam, rise up and hit the bottom of the cool rigid swim spa cover, condense and fall (now cooled) into the water below. No matter how thick the foam cover is, this constant cycle is cooling the water it is supposed to be keeping warm.

In contrast our swim spa covers begin to insulate right from the surface of the water. Our air filled swim spa covers use chambers stacked on top of each other to insulate the water similar to how storm windows insulate your home. Rigid foam swim spa covers will always saturate with moisture, become heavy and loose whatever insulation value they did have. Since our swim spa covers don't use foam, the insulation quality stays consistent. A ten year old Swim Spa Cover from us, still insulates as well as a brand new one.

Just a note regarding quality

If this is the first time you have heard about our swim spa covers you may be wondering how it compares to what you've had in the past.

Marine Grade Sunbrella, acrylic fabric rated by YEARS or spa vinyl rated by HOURS. If your last swim spa cover was a traditional foam cover it was covered in in spa vinyl. Spa Vinyls are all rated by hours outdoors. Sunbrella on the other hand will still look great after ten years of constant exposure.

The thread we use to sew our swim spa covers together is the same weight that is used on commercial truck tarps. Each seam is double stitched. In fact every element of this cover from top to bottom is vastly superior to any typical hot tub cover. We build each one here in the United States to keep jobs here. We use the best materials we can get so that each cover is built to last. They are easier to use, insulate better and if taken care of last years longer which saves you money.